Daily Hymn

Aug 2020
Aug 3 "As the Deer" Video
Aug 5 "More About Jesus" Video
Aug.7 "Lily of the Valley Medley" Video


July 2020
July 1 "Names of God Part 2" Video
July 2 "Give Thanks" Video
July 3 "To God Be the Glory" Video
July 6 "Eternal Life Medley" Video
July 7 "Glory to His Name" Video
July 8 "Step By Step" Video
July 9 "More Precious than Silver" Video
July 10 "Mystery Hymn" Video
July 13 "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" Video
July 14 "Sweet Sweet Spirit" Video
July 15 "I Sing Praises to Your Name" Video
Jul;y 16 "Worthy You Are Worthy" Video
July 17 "We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder" Video
July 20 "Be Strong in the Lord" Video
July 21 "Great is the Lord" Video
July 22 "Because He Lives " Video
July 23 "Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You" Video
July 24 "Be Thou My Vision" Video
July 27 "Day by Day" Video
July 28 "Moment by Moment" Video
July 29 "Calvery Medley" Video
July 30 "Prayerful Heart " Video
July 31 "Redeemed" Video


May 5 "In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found" Video
May 11 "Give Me Jesus" Video
May 13 "If My People Will Pray" Video
May 15 "No, Not One" Video
May 16 "Sweet Hout of Prayer" Video
May 19 "Change My Heart Oh God" Video
May 20 "Firm Foundation" Video
May 21 "Shout to the Lord" Video
May 22 "He Keeps Me Soinging" Video
May 23 "Let There Be Peace on Earth" Video
May 25 "Patriotic Medley" Video
May 26 "The Solid Rock" Video
May 27 "My Jesus I Love Thee" Video
May 28 "Redeemed Medley" Video
May 29 "Ancient Words" Video
May 30 "When I Look into Your Holiness" Video
June 1 "'Assurance Medley" Video
June 2 "Serventhood Medley" Video
June 3 "Family of God Medley" Video
June 4 "Prayer Medley" Video
June 5 "Like a River Glorius" Video
June 6 "I Will Bless The Load" Video
June 8

"Tis So Sweet"

June 9 "A Child of the King" Video
June 10 "The Wonderous Cross" Video
June 11 "Jesus Paid It All" Video
June 12 "God Leads Us Along" Video
June 15 "Oh How I Love Jesus" Video
June 16 "How Firm a Foundation" Video
June 17 "Guide Me O Great Jehova" Video
June 18 "Meditation on Praise" Video
June 19 "Make Us Holy Make Us Whole" Video
June 22 "People Need the Lord" Video
June 23 "Amazing Grace" Video
June 24 "I Worship You" Video
June 25 "All that Thrills My Soul" Video
June 26 "Just When I Need Him Most" Video
June 29 "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" Video
June 30 "Names of God Part 1" Video