Barbara Heckman on December 1, 2020

Anticipation of Advent
Since we cannot be physically together this year to celebrate the advent season, why not make your own advent wreath to use at home?
Advent is a time to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ coming again even as we remember his birth. Setting side a time to worship will enrich your spiritual life and make Christmas come alive with meaning.
Each night (or each Sunday beginning November 29) take a moment to light the advent candles,
read a scripture from the 
Daily Bible Scripture readings, sing a Christmas carol and say a prayer.
A new candle is added each week. On Christmas Eve, the fifth Christ candle is added so that all five are lit.
The four weeks before Christmas are usually divided up into four emphases with a candle to represent each one: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. The Pastor will be preaching on the corresponding theme each week. 
Our Quarantine Trio and Quartet has also prepared anthems to accompany those sermons that correspond to each theme.

An advent wreath can be as simple as five candles. One candle for each week of advent and a central candle representing Christ as the light of the world. 

Traditionally, the church uses tapers; purple for the three weeks of hope, peace and love and pink for the joy week. Purple is the color of royalty representing Christ as our King and Lord. Pink is for the joy of that promise. The Christ candle is usually white representing the sinless nature and purity of Jesus.

You don’t have to use tapers or traditional colors. Votives, pillars or even electric candles are fine. Growing up, my family used four red candles, representing Christ’s sacrifice and a white Christ candle. The evergreens represent the hope of eternal life that Jesus brings.

Here is how to make a traditional advent wreath. 

You don’t have to do it this way. You can be creative or as simple as you like. The point is to take the time to worship. 

Materials you need: five candles, four candlesticks, wet floral foam, a round tray, evergreens (picked from your yard) .
Soak the foam in water for a few hours ahead of time or overnight.
Cover the inside of your tray with plastic wrap to protect it.
Place your foam block in the middle and press the Christ candle into the middle of it.
(If it doesn’t look stable, put the candle in a candlestick and put it on the top of the foam.)
Place the other candles in candlesticks on the tray at the four corners of the foam.
Insert your greens into the foam so that they fan out around the candlesticks.
Add a decorative piece of ribbon if you like.
No evergreens in your yard or apartment?
Substitute fake greens from Walmart and insert them into dry floral foam or just use the candles.
Take a picture of your advent wreath and share it with the congregation on Instagram or Facebook.
That way, we can celebrate together!
Happy Advent!
Lucy Wilkins