New Hope Group forming - "Small Jobs Emergency Response Team"

Barbara Heckman on June 20, 2013


The focus of this team is on church members as well as others in our community
who need  
temporary help with a small project.
Examples of small projects may include
raking leaves, mowing 
grass in an emergency, repairing a leaky  faucet,  
grocery shopping for someone who is sick, picking up 
medication at a pharmacy
and many other things too numerous to mention.
If the job request is too 
difficult for our team,
perhaps we could recommend a source that is trustworthy and not too expensive.
Kitty Brown, Dale Buckner and Bobbie Cash
will be working on this team from the deacon board.  
We have recruited several volunteers who will be on call
for these jobs but can use more good men, women 
and teens to help with this ministry.
If you are interested contact Dale, Kitty or Bobbie.  
You will receive a blessing by being a blessing to someone else.
If you have a neighbor or friend who needs help with a small chore,
please contact the church office 
and give Molly the information. 
She has graciously agreed to email the request to us so our mission can begin.