Proposed Summer Backpack Program & how you can help

Barbara Heckman on February 22, 2014

Campus Kitchen, the W & L organization
who sponsors the schools’ backpack program
is starting a summer backpack program for 9 weeks this summer. 
They plan to pack 400 bags or boxes each week and distribute them
at five pick-up sites throughout the county. 
The bags or boxes would contain food that would benefit the whole family 
and would hopefully contain some fresh produce and bakery items.

The projected cost for this program is $12,000
They have $2,000 and a matching grant from a member of Lexington Presbyterian for $5,000.  They are trying the raise the $5,000 to secure the grant. 


We have two projects planned. 
Mission Action will sponsor a soup supper on Wednesday, March 5
with all proceeds going to this program. 
Deborah, Patsy and others will prepare
the Missions Banquet on Saturday, March 15
to support this effort. 

Additionally, if you wish to make a donation,
please make checks payable to Manly and mark Summer Backpack Program on the memo line.

There are eight to ten churches involved in this effort. 
We have volunteered to pack up to three times,
although one or two may be all that is necessary. 
If you are interested in packing or, if you have 
 a truck or van and would like to deliver to the pick-up points once or twice, please contact Bobbie Canfield.

Thank you.