COOKIES for our Day of Caring

Barbara Heckman on September 12, 2015

We are almost to the 200 dozen or more cookies we need for the Day of Caring on Saturday, September 26th. We will be delivering trays of homemade cookies to the school teachers, fire and rescue departments, police, deputies and EMTs in the area.
This year we have added neighbors in the community around the church, so we need a few more cookies than we had last year. There is a basket near the church office with cards for cookie suggestions.
If you don’t like to bake it’s not a problem. Just take one of the cards with the white ribbons.
If you haven’t already signed up with Patsy please consider taking a card and helping with the cookies.
When you take a card, please sign the sheet next to the basket or let Patsy know what you are contributing.
Cookies may be delivered to the church on Friday, September 25th. Thanks