SPECIAL CALLED BUSINESS MEETING - mark your calendar for Jun 29th

Barbara Heckman on June 2, 2016

Wednesday, June 29th at 6:30 pm, the church will vote on the sanctuary refurbishment proposal.
If you were unable to attend the informational meeting last Wednesday, there are copies of the handouts on the shelf next to the office. If you have questions please contact Bucky Joyce (463-2975), Gary Judy (462-3983) or Joel Snow (464-1075) or anyone on Buildings and Grounds / Stewardship.
Please Review Mid-Year Contribution Statement
You may remember that the church received two different offerings as part of the celebration of our anniversary this year. One offering, called the 175thAnniversary Offering, utilized envelopes decorated by the children and went to support the church’s endowment fund. The second offering, called the Founder’s Day offering, was designated to be applied to the
refurbishment of the sanctuary. It has come to my attention that some in our church family may have confused the purpose of these two offerings. As a result, their gifts may have been applied to a different purpose than they intended. I want to make sure that if you contributed to either of these offerings, that your gift is applied to where you intended. To facilitate
that, the Financial Secretary will be creating mid-year reports for you to review. Those reports will be available the first week of July. Please review your statement and if you think your gift was not applied in accordance with your intent, let our church Treasurer, Brian Kave, know so a correction can be made. Again, I apologize for any confusion that occurred around the fundraising campaign for the Endowment Fund in honor of the church’s recent anniversary and will work diligently with you to insure your gift is applied the way you intended.
Joel Snow Chairman, Endowment Fund Directors