Barbara Heckman on December 30, 2017

A Message from Pastor Mike:

Though the calendar says that Christmas is over for another year, let me encourage you to hold on to some of God’s Christmas gifts for a little while longer.
The first gift to hold on to from Christmas is that God keeps his promises. One of the most amazing things about Jesus is that from his birth to his death and resurrection, he fulfilled over 300 predictions made by God's spokesmen centuries before. These prophecies are useful not only in identifying that Christ is indeed the Messiah of God, but also assures us that if God kept his promises then he will also keep them in the future. Because of Christmas, no matter what you face in 2018, you can be confident that God will keep his promises to you.
Another gift to hold on to from Christmas is that God works through ordinary people. What really stands out in the Christmas story is how ordinary it all was. God chose to work through the birth of a son to a young couple (Mary and Joseph), as well an announcement to a group of working class people (the Shepherds), senior adults (Simeon and Anna), and some scholarly professor types (the Magi). Sometime in the ordinary routine of daily life this year we will see the hand of God at work. For that's the way God works, through the ordinary things of life, like the birth of a baby and with ordinary people like you and me. God wants to partner with you in accomplishing his good in this world.
Another gift to hold on to from Christmas is that God loves us. Remember the Bible tells us: “For God so loved that world that he gave his one and only son…” (John 3:16) That’s an important gift to hold on to because some time this coming year you are going to be tempted to question God’s love for you. When that happens, remember that because God loves you Christ came that first Christmas. And because he still loves you he has promised to be Emmanuel, the God who is with you always. Nothing will happen to you in 2018 that God will not be there to share it with you and help you through it. Even though the calendar says that it’s no longer Christmas, I urge you to hold on to these amazing Christmas gifts God has given us throughout 2018.
Your Pastor,