Discover a life closer to one another and closer to Jesus

Imperfect, messy people, walking alongside one another in God's grace.

God is healing, sustaining, and changing lives every week at Manly Memorial Baptist Church.

You're Invited!

Don't let a connected and meaningful life slip away from you!

Worship In-Person

11:00 AM

Bible Studies

09:45 AM

Worship Online

11:00 AM

Life at Our Church

Visit on Sunday Mornings

First, be our guest in a totally pressure free, judgment free, worship environmnet.
Even if you are unsure about faith or religion, you’ll have a safe and warm place to be a little closer to others and Jesus.

Join A Bible Study

Your next step is to join a bible study group that feels right. On Sundays at 9:45AM, we host Sunday School for children and youth, and various adult bible study groups. We dive deeper into exploring faith and scripture, and get to know one another in a much deeper way.

Serve God's Mission

Once you are connected, we help plug you into opportunities to serve others, point people to Jesus, and make the world a better place. We help bridge whatever gifts and passions God has given you with the suffering and needs of our community and world.

Don't let a connected and meaningful life slip away from you.

Give Online

Giving online is safe and easy. To give online, click on the link below. Thank you for your generosity!

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