Our Mission:

Our Mission of Little Faith Ministries of Manly Memorial Baptist Church is to teach, encourage, and develop young minds to serve, love, and teach others about Jesus Christ.

Specifically, we believe that God has called us, in partnership with parents, to help our children:


KNOW the Word of God deeply and the Lord Jesus personally


GROW to be like Jesus together


GO serve Him in their homes, church, school and community.



We commit to promoting a Christ-centered focus.


We commit to providing a solid biblical foundation for our children through a chronological study of God’s Word and by challenging our children to think deeply and in context. Specifically, we will equip them to know and explain the authority of God’s Word, who God is, and the message of the Gospel.


We commit to praying both with and for our children so that they may come to know Jesus Christ, GROW to be like Him, and GO serve Him. We will also teach our children how to pray and to trust God to meet their needs both great and small.


We value learning together as the “family of God”. To this end, we currently provide a multi-age learning environment in which children may learn to value one another as members of the body of Christ. We also commit to equipping each family to be intimately involved in their child’s spiritual growth.


We commit to promoting a culture of respect where we recognize that each child, teacher, and parent is a valued member of the body of Christ.
Love— We commit to valuing each child and the unique personalities God has given them and encouraging them to do the same with one another.

Serving Others

We commit to an atmosphere of service where we encourage and equip children to serve others in their families, in their schools, in our church, and in the community.

The Mission

We commit to challenging our children to “make disciples” by praying for their unsaved friends and by talking to their friends about Jesus.

We also commit to giving our children a global perspective on missions, creating opportunity not only for knowledge of God’s work around the world, but also providing ways for them to be involved.

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